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Fun Ways To Ngabuburit During Ramadhan

"Ngabuburit" is a term that often we hear, especially during Ramadan as it is today. The word "Ngabuburit" itself is defined as the activities carried out while waktuya iftar arrived. Ngabuburit can be done in various ways and will not be fun if it is not filled with a variety of interesting activities. For those of you who are planning to do ngabuburit alone, along with a group of gardens, or with family. Below I give some recommendations fun activities that you can do sembaari wait time breaking the fast.
1. Roads
Now, instead of tired of waiting time to break the fast at home, you better go out of the house and the streets together with family or friends. You can walk to places as exciting as other malls or crowded places. You can also make the streets moment you become a fun event Ta'jil hunting. Additionally, you can also at the same time picking out a nice place and suitable for you flown during fasting later.
2. Cook
Instead of buying food out that has not been guaranteed health, the better you cook at home while waiting for iftar. For those of you who already have a child, it could be one powerful way to teach children to appreciate food. Because with him to jump directly to make the food he would eat, he would know that the food on the dining table before through a long process in advance and is not presented as such. Children also may be more voracious by eating food yag of his own. In addition, by cooking together can strengthen and warm relationship all family members.
3. Shopping
For those of you who like shopping. You can make your hobby as a fun activity while waiting for his time to break the fast. You can shop for iftar, or the need for Eid. To shop out of the house like in the mall will certainly take a lot of time and effort. In this modern era, you can shop the online store. Enough to capitalize laptop or a smartphone equipped with Internet connection, you can be satisfied shopping at the online store of your choice.
4. Lightweight Sports
Who said sports should not be done while fasting? Exercise can be done while fasting, but the portion should be deducted from the portion of the sport that you often do on a normal day. With exercise, can make you limp body to be healthy and fit again. You do not need strenuous exercise such as lifting weights. Just do a light exercise such as jogging, cycling and gymnastics. For those of you who are doing the diet, exercising while fasting can be a powerful way to reduce your weight.
5. Watch
Being bored but lazy to leave the house? Watch fllm could be the right choice for andasambil wait time to break the fast. You can meninton your favorite movies or shows that many religious views in the month of Ramadan as it is today. You can fill your ngabuburit time to do things that are beneficial and of course also can increase your knowledge about the religion.
6. Care
While waiting for his time to break the fast, it never hurts to pamper your body by doing a variety of body treatments such as cream bath, maskeran, and so forth.

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