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Tips Homecoming Safe Ride Motorcycle

Nothing feels soon all Muslims in the world celebrating the feast of Fitr IUL. Particularly in Indonesia, Idul Fitri is a good time for going home to my hometown. Yes, homecoming is one of the annual rituals on the eve of Idul Fitri or Lebaran in Indonesian society. Everyone flocked to return home after almost a year of their work outside the city. There are many choices of transportation that can be selected for pualng to my hometown. Typically, most people prefer driving a private vehicle to return home. Besides not complicated, going home by using private cars can also increase the prestige of his return to his hometown and met with relatives at home.
Today there are many people who use motorcycles to home to my hometown. Although it looks uncomfortable and tiring having to travel long distances by using a motorcycle, but for most people going home alone, or both, this is arguably the fastest and cheapest way of going home. Well, if you include people who are going home by motorcycle? If yes, then you should read some tips to secure your home town on a motorcycle.
1. Perform Physical And Mental Preparation Before You Go
The first and foremost thing you should consider before going home to my hometown is that you prepare your physical and mental condition. Ensure sata and mental condition of the body leaving you in good health and not affected by any disease. Recall also the road conditions, especially during homecoming like this are very crowded and challenging. So, and you must turn your mental preparation to penetrate the road conditions are sometimes erratic. Physically and mentally so that you stay healthy until the day homecoming, you can adopt a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy foods and exercising terarur.
2. Check the condition of Motorcycles
In addition to the condition of the body, the other important things that you should also consider is the condition of your bike. Yes, the motor condition that is not in top condition will surely bother you when you do a home to my hometown. Before use to going home, you should check the condition of your bike in the garage keseleluruhan. Perform repair or replacement of parts if it turns out there are parts of your bike is damaged. Do not travel far if your motor is not in tip top condition.
3. Use Complete Safety Tool
In driving a motorcycle, do not forget to always use the full safety equipment such as helmets, gloves, jackets, and boots. When riding a motorcycle, will be very susceptible to any dangers that occur on the streets. Therefore, it is very important for you to protect every inch of your body from harm that might happen to you. In driving you should also pay attention to the speed of your bike. Better you ride the bike at that speed is too fast. Quite relax and do not rush, because if you do not calm mind can cause the things that you do not want.
4. Do not Carry Too Many Items
Motorcycles are designed only to carry a maximum of two people only and also items to taste. Therefore, to avoid bringing too much luggage that can cause your motor is overloaded so that it can increase the risk of road accidents.

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